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After years of neglect , it's time to rebuild this site. Keep checking back. I promise to have it finished soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.


     Looks like I have no choice but to abandon this site . They have destroyed everything I worked building the past 10 years . The new edit program they forced down my throat is totally useless and unusable . They have obviously sold out to the communists , who are hell bent on withholding the truth and destroying America as we know it .

I apologize to my followers . I am beaten down and unable to fight anymore . Time to give it up and try to enjoy the last few years of my life . You all have my sincere apology . Goodbye and God Bless .

PS: Enjoy the music as long as the bandwidth holds out. Most everything else is either gone or has been corrupted with bogus links that take you to porn sites and God knows where else. Nice work guys.                         

Email me @ - [email protected]

Kurt Zanders' Chickens....Free screensaver

41 stunning pictures from the poultry artist

With relaxing music from Beethoven. enjoy

Download here >>>> Kurt Zanders' Chickens.scr

Kurt Zanders' Chickens Part 2

36 Images - same Beethoven music.

Download here >>> Kurt Zanders' chickens 2.scr

Space Screensaver for windows

Over 100 images of deep space.

26 megs. Download >>> Space.scr